Climate Migration Research Workshop

Venue: Buchanan Tower, Room 997, UBC
Date: May 2, 2024, 11:00 am -4:00 pm PST

Join UBC & UVic researchers for a one-day workshop on climate migration! In addition to sharing research, this event will lay the groundwork for establishing a new Climate Migration Research Group in the UBC Centre for Migration Studies.

As climate change escalates, its impacts continue to reverberate globally – from devastating wildfires to rising sea levels and intensified extreme weather events. Amidst this turmoil, populations are displaced, both internally and across borders, seeking refuge from environmental upheaval.

The Climate Migration Workshop will bring migration scholars in dialogue to identify trends in interdisciplinary research that might form the foundation for a new Climate Migration Research Group. Over the course of the one-day workshop, we will craft the priorities for this new research group that align with the university’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Moreover, we will identify the grant-writing initiatives and potential partners to help us develop a research agenda that will set the stage for impactful projects and initiatives within the Climate Migration Cluster.

We welcome local and international partners on this new initiative to help shape the future of climate migration research at UBC. Please join us to contribute to building a more resilient and sustainable world!

Farrukh A. Chishtie
Elizabeth “Biz” Nijdam
Megan Daniels
Gaoheng Zhang

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