Indigenous Presence and Representation in European Studies

Co-organized by Elizabeth Nijdam and Markus Hallensleben (Dept. of CENES)

Poster Design by Dustin Gray (Link to clickable PDF version)

More Information about the Lectures and Updated Registration Links (please check back for future events):

Searching for Winnetou (2018): Film Screening & Conversation with Director
Monday, October 4, 1-2pm PT: Drew Hayden Taylor

Winnetou, White Innocence, and Settler Time
Friday, October 8, 1-2pm PT: Dr. Maureen Gallagher (Australian National University)

“Playing Manitoba – A German Board Game and the Need for New Stories”
Friday, October 15, 1-2pm PT: Dr. Lars Richter (University of Manitoba)

“Indigenous Representation and Self-Representation in Board Game Culture”
Wednesday, October 20, 1-2pm PT: Pe Metawe Board Game Workshop, David Plamondon and Jayde Gravel
Friday, October 22, 1-2pm PT: Pe Metawe Board Game Workshop, David Plamondon and Jayde Gravel

Radical Diversity: An International Discussion on Colonial Practices, Structures and Discourses, and Strategies to Disrupt them”
Thursday, November 4, 11am-12:30pm PT: A panel with Riel Dupuis-Rossi, Max Czollek and Mohamed Amjahid.

“Sami New Media and Digital Games”
Friday, November 26, 10am PT: Dr. Outi Laiti (University of Helsinki)

Decolonizing Disney Princesses
Wednesday, December 1, 1 pm PT: Keeta Gladue.

“Radical Diversity: An International Discussion of Transformative Narratives from an Indigenous, Jewish and Immigrant Perspective”
Thursday, January 20, 11am-12:30pm PT: A panel with Jules Koostachin, Kristi Pinderi, Max Czollek and Mohamed Amjahid.

Trans-Atlantic Indigeneity: Indigenous Literary Presence in Europe
Friday, January 28, 1 pm PT: Dr. Renae Watchman (McMaster University)

“Re-storying Higher Education: Toward Indigenous Resurgence & Settler Decolonization”

Friday, February 4th, 2022, 1 pm PT: Dr. Shauneen Pete (University of Victoria)

“Landscapes and Cityscapes – Indigenous Placemaking Narratives of Mobility”
Thursday, February 10, 11am-12:30 PT: A panel with Ginger Gosnell-Myers, Jen Lavalley and Brydolf Horwitz. Co-organized by Dorothee Leesing. (Cancelled. Please check back later for a possible rescheduling.)


We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of this series of events from the Waterloo Centre for German Studies, the Dept. of CENES Ziegler Lecture Series and the UBC Centre for Migration Studies.