Games for Decolonization (March 21-22, 2024)

The Games and Decolonization Workshop is an interdisciplinary forum dedicated to examining the intersections between board games and discourses of settler colonialism, decolonization, Indigenous sovereignty, and social justice. This two-day event will bring together Indigenous and settler scholars to engage in critical conversations regarding the role of gaming cultures and tarot in the work of decolonization and social justice. 

Ta7talíya Michelle Nahanee (Squamish)
Decolonial Designer & Educator
Keynote Speaker, Thursday, March 21 @ 3:30 PM in HENN 201


Christopher Marmolejo
Author & Decolonial Tarot Practitioner
Friday, March 22 @ 10 AM in BuTo 1099


Mimi Khúc (University of Toronto)
Writer, Tarot Designer, and Wellness & Disability Studies Scholar
Friday, March 22 @ 1 1:30 AM in BuTo 1099


Evan Torner (University of Cincinnati)
Associate Professor, German Studies/Film & Media Studies
Ziegler Lecture Speaker, Friday, March 22 @ 1 PM in BuTo 1099


Jonathan Graves (UBC) & Students of ECON 221
Friday, March 22 @ 3 PM in BuTo 1099


Board Game Night co-hosted by the German Students Association and the Wargamers of UBC
Friday, March 22 @ 4 PM in BuTo 1099


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This programming is generously cosponsored by CENES, the Waterloo Centre for German Studies, German Studies Canada, UBC Comics Studies Cluster, the UBC Centre for European Studies, and the Narratives Group in the UBC Centre for Migration Studies. This work has also been partially supported by ISoTL Seed support.